Survivors Speak Out


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Testimonials from people targeted by hate | A resistance manual for Trump's America

Edited by Arjun Singh Sethi

As seen and heard on NPR, Salon, Reveal, San Francisco Chronicle, Colorlines, Crooked Media & The Young Turks

Amid the ugly realities of contemporary America, American Hate affirms our courage and inspiration, opening a roadmap to reconciliation by means of the victims’ own words.

Read American Hate for the faces Sethi puts on our national hate epidemic, and for his sobering account of the fallout — humiliation, terror, injury, and death. But read American Hate, as well, for what the last chapter terms “Hope in a Time of Despair.” Hate may be rampant in America, but so are its antidotes: We must understand and own our history. We must speak out, for in community is power and love.
— NPR Books

credit: Marco De Angelis

credit: Marco De Angelis


Bullying. Discrimination. Violence. Hear the stories directly from those who experienced it.

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